Install Open Baton using Vagrant

This tutorial will guide towards the installation of a minimal Open Baton environment composed by the following components:

  • The NFVO implemented in java using the framework. For more details about the NFVO architecture, you can refer to the next sections
  • RabbitMQ as messaging system
  • Test VIM Driver for being able to execute the hello world tutorial without needing an OpenStack instance
  • OpenStack VIM Driver for deploying VNFs on OpenStack
  • Generic VNFM for the instantiation of VNFs part of the Open Baton ecosystem


You need to have Vagrant and Virtualbox installed. Please refer to their official documentation for installing them on your environment.

Installation guide

If you already have Vagrant installed in your system, you can install the latest Open Baton version by using this Vagrantfile and simply typing the following command:

vagrant up

After the starting of the vagrant box has finished, you can open a browser and go on localhost:8080. To log in, the default credentials for the administrator user are:

user: admin
password: openbaton