Register a new PoP of type OpenStack

The table below provides an explaination about the different parameters used in the PoP JSON file. Please make sure you have read the prerequisites before registering an OpenStack PoP.

Params Meaning Mandatory
name The name of the Point of Presence, important for later on linking it into your VNFD. Please note that the name chosen must be unique inside the project and will be used to refer to this particular PoP instance. yes
authUrl Keystone APIs endpoint. NOTE: Both v2 and v3 of the keystone APIs are supported: if you want to use v2, then you must put an url ending with "2.0" or "2". In case you are willing to use v3, then you must use "3" as suffix yes
tenant The tenant name on which you plan to deploy your VNFs. NOTE: if you want to use v2 you must put the openstack tenant name, in case you are willing to use v3, you must put the tenant id yes
username The username of your openstack account (usually good to have admin rights) yes
password The password of your openstack account yes
keyPair The keypair name to get the access to the VMs (optional) no
securityGroups Use a Security group that provides a sets of IP filtering rules that are applied to an instance's networking (mainly applicable to OpenStack). Usually set to default no
type openstack yes
location The location of the Point of PoP. no


Example for Keystone V3: